Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Slea Head

In County Kerry, the 'Ring of Kerry' drive looping around the Iveragh Peninsula gets all the hype as a must-see trip of natural beauty, but the Dingle Peninsula and particularly Slea Head are probably just as good without nearly as much traffic. There's even less traffic in February.

We had good weather in that it was misty and rainy, adding to the drama of the land/seascape.

Molly & Bobby caught in the act of conspiring to commit some mischief. Nothing else can explain the huddling and grins in this picture.

Hmmm... More grinning.

Here's a good family shot suitable for framing.

Another good family shot except Katie's napping.

Big Bird and Cookie Monster wave from a walk on Wine Strand.

"Look Ma, no hands!"

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Anonymous said...

Ed Joe and Kate I have throughly enjoyed reading about your travels.
I can't wait till it is my turn!