Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eve of Katie's Birthday trip

Well here I am on the eve of my eighth trip to Ireland and I'm just as psyched as the first trip. It's Valentine's Day, February 14, 2007, 95 years to the day that my great-grandfather, Michael Reidy succumed to complications due to diabetes after lingering in a coma for three days. It initially was a quest to find out more about him and my other ancestors that first sparked my interest in travelling to Ireland, but it has been meeting the many cousins and friends that we've made since then that keep me going back.

The occasion for this trip is my sister Katie's birthday. Stating a woman's age probably ranks up there with asking it, so I won't say, but you could say it's a milestone anniversary. Since she was so happy with attaining this remarkable age, she decided to celebrate by making good on her threats to go to Ireland and bring her kids, Molly and Bobby, and husband Gino.

I've been managing to make a trip with my brother Joe every two or three years, but this is a quick turnaround since we were just there last July with my daughter Megan, making good on my promise to take her (as well as her brother Ted) when they turn 13. More on that trip later, but here is a picture of Megan in front of the ruins of the house where her great-great-grandmother, Margaret Donnellan was born.

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