Thursday, February 15, 2007

Place names

Here is a short list of the places in we will visit in County Clare where our cousins and/or ancestors lived with the Gaelic spelling and translation.

The source of this information is from a brilliant web site,

Molosky - Where Margaret Donnellan was born. This is where the ruins pictured behind Megan are.
Magh Loscathaidhe
The burnt plain.

Slievedooly - Where Michael Reidy was born.
Sliabh Dúbhlaidh
Dark looking rough ground.

Crossderry - This is where Michael Reidy's father, Thomas, and his father, Michael, and several generations of Reidy's prior were born. It is still owned and farmed by Martin Reidy.
Cros Doire
A wood belonging to the church.

Coolmeen - This is the townland where Martin Reidy currenly lives, next to Crossderry.
Cúl Mín
A corner of a field.

Kilmihil - Another home to many Reidys, the most famous of whom was Sean O'Riada who gaelesized his name John Reidy. He was a brilliant composer who gets much credit with the revival of Irish music and was instumental in the formation of the Chieftans. His gr-grandfather was a speechwriter for Daniel O'Connell, known as the Liberator and one of the most eloquent MPs in the British Parliment of all time. More on Sean and his family later.

This church and parish are dedicated to St. Michael, the Archangel.

Cloondrinagh - Another townland where Reidy's lived, although I can't recall the connections. Just a cool sounding name all around.
Cluain Dráighneac
The land of blackthorns.

Other place names not listed are:

Labasheeda - This is what is often listed as Michael Reidy's "home" in Ireland. It is the largest town in the area where he was born. It translates to the Silken Bed.

Mullagh - This is where the Donnellan's currenly live. I think it translates to high point or top of a hill.

Fionnuaire - This is the name of Tim and Theresa's home & farm in Mullagh. Unfortuantely, I forget the translation.

Finurebeg - The name of the home of Denis and Helen McGrath. Helen is Tim's sister and will have to remind me of the translation for this as well. If I had to guess, it would have something to do with the beautiful waterfalls that are adjacent to their home which they also refer to as "Little Niagra".

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