Friday, February 23, 2007

Joe's Day Seven - The Tattoo Parlor

The day was started with a fairly good breakfast of poached eggs in the hotel. Since breakfast was served at the ungodly hour of 10am, it was back to the room to get just a little more sleep after breakfast.

Galway is a great place to shop and the shopping district is closed off to cars. It's also usually filled with musicians, artists, and those types of interesting folk. But since it was February, it was a little short of that sort of thing, except for the one guitarist who kept playing that one particular Allman Bros. song.

While Molly, Katie, and Gino went one way, Ed, Bobby and myself went the other way to find a tattoo parlor. I had inquired at a music store, and fortunately we were in luck. One of the employees had loads of tattoos and obviously knew what parlors to recommend and what parlors to avoid. We then headed our way across the river to a tattoo parlor called "Irish Ink". I think I'll stop at this point, because I don't have any pictures of this event and Ed will most likely tell a good version of this story.

After returning from Galway, we met our cousin Tim Donnellan and his 16 year old son Colm for dinner at the Bellbridge Hotel. Afterwards, it was more tunes at Friels, this time with Henry Benagh, Bernadette McCarthy and Michael, another fiddle player. After the session ended, and the other musicians left, a young bodhran player from Belfast wanted to keep playing. He was a great player, though he looked a little like Pee Wee Herman. Molly also made good friends with one of the locals. I hope she posts pictures.

By now it must be 1am, but the night is not near ending. One of Tim's cows was about to calf and Bobby and Molly were dying to see this, so we were off to the farm. The cow didn't calf while we were there but we enjoyed seeing all the calfs and the farm layout. After spending about an hour at the farm, it was back to the cottage for one more pint and several more laughs. I think we were all exhasted but it was great to spend time with our cousins, Tim and Colm. Afterwards, Ed drove them back and by the time Ed got back to the house, the cow had calfed.

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