Sunday, February 18, 2007

Joe's Day Two - Katie's Birthday

After waking up at the crack of 1pm, it wasn't long before I realized that we were slipping into that familiar Ireland visit routine of - "Hey, let's plan to travel all over Ireland, and then end up staying in Clare the whole time!"

We eventually got a move on, and were fortunate enough to get to the Cliffs of Moher before it closed. I have no photos, but from all the shutter clicking I heard from my group, let's just hope that someone will post one or two.

After the Cliffs we were off to Ennis for Katie's birthday celebration at the Jade Cottage with the Reidy cousins from the Crossderry townland. It was certainly the best chinese food I've ever had in Ireland.

Here's a picture of Katie, with the one candle on the cake (I suppose, to represent her first half-century). Whoa, THAT sure puts it into perspective. Sorry, Katie.

Also, the Reidys also presented her with a nice clock. Unfortunately, it didn't have the much needed alarm on it...

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