Monday, February 26, 2007

Gone 50 and didn't notice

This is my first blog entry of my life but now that I've gone 50 I need to try new things. I just read the list of places with gaelic names that Ed posted that we would and did indeed visit.

My stone from Magh Loscathaidhe or The Burnt Plain, the birth place of my great grandmother, Margaret Donnellan, sits beautifully on my mantel. When we visited this beautiful place I got that sense you hear people talk about of an earie familiarity of belonging or knowing.
Ed and Joe did such an unbeleivable job not only of driving us everywhere but of providing so much background information about the places and the relatives. All of our relatives are incredible, so talented , beautiful, and sooo generous! If there is a way to show them how much we appreciate all the kindnesses they showed us I have not figured it out yet.

The guest house Tim Donnellan built and let us stay in without charge was wonderful, so spacious and comfy with views of a castle remnant with the Atlantic sea just beyond. Helen and Denis McGrath have a beautiful home not far from our guest house named Niagra because of the adjacent falls. My husband Gino had a big chuckle when he read the sign and saw and heard the magnificent falls right there.
Helen was so gracious renting "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" and inviting us all to watch it with them in their home only to top the night off with a surprise birthday cake for me and a number of other goodies for us all. Denis's sense of humor is non stop, what a great character he is. It was one of the few nights Joe didn't play fiddle in a pub, the only downside beside the tragedy depicted in the movie. A wonderful evening with wonderful people! My next enty will be about the Reidy's in Ennis except for Martin who we didn't meet cause he had a cow calfing!