Thursday, February 22, 2007

Joe's Day Six - Galway

After a good rest in the Kilmurry house (basecamp), it was time for another adventure - Galway. I'm particularly glad we made it here because Katie seemed to be very impressed by the city. And driving through Galway during rush hour, trying to keep up with Ed, really kept me on my toes.

We ended up booking rooms for a fairly good deal at the Eyre Square Hotel, 3 in each room. After settling it, it was time to eat and we were starved. The hotel recommended a restaurant called McSwiggens which was "just down the road". After asking about 3 different people where it was, we then realized it was true that "you can't miss it". The long search for the restaurant proved to be well worth it. Gino and I both had the rack of lamb, which was SO good for only 20 Euro. Katie and Molly both had salmon that was well received which also came with some very tasty scalloped potatoes. Just about everyone enjoyed their meal there, I think. Just don't get the apple pie.

After dinner it was off to The Crane Bar for some "choones". At first I was a little put off by a swedish fiddler who said it would mostly be a swedish type session with a little irish, but I think he was just hoping that would be the case. It turned out to be good fun and there was plenty of trad irish, and the swedish tunes he played were great. Sitting next to us was Emily and Chuck, a couple that was just in transition from New York to Portland, OR. It was great to meet them and tell them how great Portland is and to get them looking forward to their move.

Interestingly, the next day I met ANOTHER couple that was looking to move to Portland. That was at the tattoo parlor, but that's another story for later...

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